Highly finished images that will enhance the look and feel of your creative designs!

Vincent has been producing illustration and photography for three decades for major clients throughout the UK, Asia, Australia, Canada, Europe and the USA.

Originally a world leading airbrush illustrator using his own photographic reference material, Vincent now combines digital illustration and photography with his drawing skills to produce hyper realistic images for advertising, POS, packaging, movie posters and DVDs. Specialising in fruit, chocolate, food, drink, scenic, figurative and product characters.

Alongside realistic work Vincent has for many years also worked on character development such as the M&Ms characters, Ribena berries, Frubes and many more, from initial drawings to the final rendered characters.

All images are supplied as high resolution digital files suitable for reproduction on anything from large 96 sheet posters to small packaging.

Have a look through this portfolio and if you like what you see and want to discuss a project please contact Vincent on;

Phone; +44 (0)1205 761793  Mobile; +44 (0)7801 766863


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